And So, The Adventure Began…

Ironically, even for a writer, writing about yourself is always the hardest to do. What could you possibly say besides the cliched, ‘I love to write’? My parents tell me, I have always loved the media. As a toddler, I was fascinated by the newspaper and in fact, it was how I began reading. My parents show no modesty when they brag about my young reading talents; even now. I gather that it was at that point that I became a media junkie. From then on, I found myself happiest when I was lost in a world of words: reading a publication, writing an article, watching a film and listening to the radio. I’ve never restricted myself when it has come to penning my thoughts. In fact, I would much rather artlessly howl about an issue rather than write a diplomatic column which may fetch me accolades, but would eat my integrity up alive.

It would be unfair to say that my accomplishments are all courtesy of my interest. While I have innately gravitated towards the media for as long as I can remember, there is another person responsible for my choice of career. Not many people know, but I inherited my innate passion for the pen from my Grandfather who was one of the best writers in my family. My Grandmother swears that she fell in love with him because he wrote in the most eloquent of ways. Till date, my Mother tells us he would write letters that would touch your soul while my Grandmother swears she married him courtesy of  the beyond romantic love letters. I would like to believe I am the lucky one who miraculously managed to inherit the writing gene from my maternal Grandfather. And for that very reason, I have to maintain a certain amount of dignity and honesty in my writing all in hopes to ensure that my inheritance is not wasted or tarnished. In my heart and mind, I feel that I have an unsaid vow to my Grandfather; to live up to his reputation and make him proud.

“Passion is a tool I love to write with!”

But there is more to me than simply writing about films and especially Bollywood. I pretty much write about anything that I am passionate about; films, fashion, politics, sports, social issues and causes and sometimes about myself. I love the media in all its facets. In a nutshell, I would describe myself as a news junkie, avid blogger, new media enthusiast, and tea (iced or otherwise) fanatic! At the heart of it all: journalism with a cup of chai.

My portfolio consists of my accomplishments thus far. I would like to think that I have achieved a lot in the short time that I have actually been writing. However, I do believe that I am setting myself up for bigger and better things. I have always believed that I wasn’t meant to be just anyone and in the manner my writing career has progressed, I am convinced, I was right. It is for this very reason that I have dabbled in a number of various areas within the media. Whether it has been interviewing and profiling actors, writers, dancers and so on, or hosting a podcast, owning my own Indian film segment for a local radio show and of course, constantly writing articles on numerous topics, I have managed to gain a number of skills that has furthered my interest for media as a whole.

“Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline!”

Social Media has become a part of my skill set too. I am convinced that it is the way of the future. While I wholeheartedly believe and support print media, I feel now, it is impossible to make any progress with social media. The world has become smaller and more intimate with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. It has bought professionals together via LinkedIn and allowed everyone to channel their inner photographer with Instagram. But it’s not just enough to recognise these facets of social media; it is important to implement. We have to now engage people in discussions,they want stories and they want to be fed with information real-time. The saying, “The future is now,” couldn’t be truer.

I write because I want to, I love to and I can.  I am excited to be a part of the media world and am always looking to expand my portfolio and display my creativity, feed my curiosity and demonstrate my talents.

What drives me is passion. And that is a tool I love to write with!

~ Roshni M.